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The Remote Work Summit 2020

Event Date: June 23, 2020

Virtual Event

Frankfurt, Germany — Join the Remote Work Summit 2020 virtual conference, on June 23, 2020. 

Remote Work Summit 2020 focuses on increased employee productivity, better employee satisfaction and retention for Enterprises during COVID 19 pandemic.
The Remote Work Summit 2020 Conference will help you understand how the best companies and smartest leaders are pivoting their strategies and technology investments in response to market conditions.
There is consensus that a clear benefit of remote work to the enterprise is employee retention, particularly that of talented people. Often there are also valuable savings on employment costs and a reduction in unproductive time, including travel and fewer absences from work. In case of unplanned events like COVID-19 pandemic, severe weather or damage to offices, remote work can help with organizational resiliency by not tying employees to an office.
Amid unprecedented disruption like COVID-19, CXOs must enable remote work by boosting the productivity of the ever-greater numbers of employees who work remotely.
Remote Work Summit 2020 focus on the following key components for remote work:
•    Remote Desktop Infrastructure Thought Leadership
•    Virtual Private Network
•    Effective Remote Work Policies
•    Communication and Collaboration tools
•    Centralized Project Management process
•    Remote Work performance tracking system
•    Have Fun in Between Work Hours and more
The Remote Work Summit 2020 conference brings you C-level leaders, emerging tech CEOs, and world-renowned investors to offer their wisdom on what’s next at the intersection of business, technology, and work.
Join us for one day of content covering the futures of technology, remote work, security, and risk.

The Remote Work Summit 2020  announced for Frankfurt, Germany on June 23rd.

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